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Shandong Sito Bio - Technology Co., ltd. is located in Dingtao district in Shandong Heze city has the reputation of the center of the world—Renxin industrial park,is specialized in new steroid hormone medicine core intermediates and derivatives research and production as one of the biomedical enterprises. The company now has five controlling subsidiaries of Shandong Sirui biomedicine、Shandong Disen biomedicine、Shandong Henuobeikang、Shanghai Yinglang industrial co、Sito. Up to now, the company has become a high-tech enterprise of Shandong province……



Based on the frontier field of biologics, the company takes the core biologic raw materials in the field of steroids as a breakthrough, and takes the lead in realizing the large-scale application of biologics technology in the field of steroids.

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